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Inspired by The Humble Pursuit of sea and mountains. A different approach to a clothing company. High standards and original Art based imagery. 20 years of concepts finally launched in Santa Cruz California early in 2017. Kalletka is a company born from thousands of hours spent roaming on or under the ocean and an eye for design and quality products. A small company held closely by a community of divers, surfers, fisherman and water oriented people. 

Our goal is to live a life connected to the sea and everything it provides.

The Humble Pursuit.


Kalletka meaning: 'in, or into the sea' 

(Pronounced: 'Ka• let• ka')

A word found in the Mutsun / Coastanoan language.

The Mutsun/ Costanoan are among the indigenous coastal tribal bands of California. These communities spanned from Big Sur to San Francisco Bay and made up part of the groups often referred to as the Ohlone.

This deep connection to the ocean and responsible stewardship of its resources is an inspiration and should not be forgotten.

The Kalletka brand hopes to honor a life revolving around the ocean and everything it provides, a community of family and friends with a respect for the ocean and a common goal.

-The Humble Pursuit.

"Into the sea" 

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Kalletka Undersea Co.

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